Founded in the end of 2013 in Marl, Germany, MILES BENEATH started with releasing two EP themselves. The debut album ‘Illusions’ was produced together with Daniel Haniß (ESKIMO CALLBOY) and Marcel Neumann (WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER). The Mastering was done in the Pitchback Studios. On the first single ‘Illusions’ you can hear a feature by Kevin Ratajczak (ESKIMO CALLBOY). In contrast to the early releases the goals for the first long-player were set much higher: “There is a totally different level of quality on ‘Illusions’. The songs are more thoughtful and they have more structure and meaning. The topics as well as the sound have changed a lot. It developed from a rather djent sound to more catchy riffing and conventional atmospheric backings.”

Since their beginnings MILES BENEATH have always been an ambitioned live band as well. They shared the stage ESKIMO CALLBOY, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, FOR TODAY, MORE THAN A THOUSAND or THY ART IS MURDER and had the honour to open the Knockdown Festival. With ‘Illusions’ on their side this won’t change a bit and maybe they not only make the audience move, maybe they can also get their message out to one or the other: “If people start thinking through our songs or if they can find something for themselves in our music, every wish we have as a band has come true.”

“We’re just the nice guys from next door. We don’t attach importance to looking evil or seeming cool in any way. We are brothers that make music together and share our thoughts through this music.” Despite the yearning for success the guys from the Ruhr Area are down-to-earth. It’s not about reaching the goals on any price: “Our friend- ship stands above everything.” Maybe it’s a statement like this that summarizes the maturity and clarity of MILES BENEATH the best and at the same time provides the certainty that this band will succeed.