WE SCRAPE THE SKY are founded in 2012 at a time when every member of the band has already made some experiences in earlier projects. Right after they have some first songs in their repertoire and have carried their equipment through the city a couple of time while moving from rehearsal room to another, the band is ready to play some first shows and appear as an entity in public. As WE SCRAPE THE SKY like to think big from the very beginning, they start off by sharing the stage with big names like DARK- EST HOUR, TEXAS IN JULY, BETRAYING THE MATRYRS, THE COLOR MORALE, HEART IN HAND, LANDSCAPES and impress abroad at the Antwerp Metal Festival as well.

“The title ‘Hate/Love’ stands for the complete spectrum of human feelings. Emotions are the motor for our daily actions, our motivation. So to speak, they are the alpha and omega of being human.” The progressive metalcore band WE SCRPAE THE SKY from Cologne, Germany is inspired by the extremes, referring to the content and musically. Even the artwork only knows the colours black and white. But despite the strong polarity, the sound of the newcomers can never be described as undifferentiated. The intense focus that ‘Hate/Love’ was brought to life with nevertheless knows only one kind of speed – full on!

Highly motivated WE SCRAPE THE SKY begin recording ‘Hate/Love’ in the beginning of 2016. Again the band is very ambitioned and for the production the guys work together with the experienced team of the Pitchback Studios. As a guest they can win Andi Phoenix of DESASTERKIDS who lends his voice to the song ‘Get It Right’. But even if the production kicks ass and the band would like to live the whole “rock star cliche?”, they like to present themselves rather personally and down-to-earth with regards to the content: “Our lyrics are about the fights with our own inner demons. If it’s unreturned love, a lost relationship or the wish for change because you’re stuck in old routines, we all have been in situations that seemed hopeless but in the end they always turned out into something positive – this is why we picked the title for the EP.”

After a successful start WE SCRAPE THE SKY want to push forward their young career with all they have: “The shows that we play have to be at 110%. We want that the en- ergy that’s arising, gets through to the audience in the exact same way.” For WE SCRAPE THE SKY the word newcomer stands only for the number of releases because here are four professional, determined musicians who know what to do and who are working hard for their dreams.