We Are Louder Than You

RFD 001 - 15.03.2013 • Digital

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By getting submissions from all over the world, we decided to start Redfield Digital with this extraordinary compilation featuring some of the most promising international artists from countries which are not that popular for their music-scene.

We donate 100% income of this compilation to the Hardcore Help Foundation, which is a non profit humanitarian organization ran by members of the hardcore/punk community. HHF is part of a registered association (Flotte e.V.) in Germany. They collect merchandise and donations to help people in need. At the moment the HHF has four main projects in Kenya, Haiti and Germany.

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1. A Ghost Of Flare (Japan) - Under The Control Of The Black
Existing since only two years, A Ghost Of Flare are one of the most upcoming metalcore bands from Japan. They blend metal, hardcore and post-hardcore into one piece and create their own unique style.

2. Dead Eyes Glow (Malaysia) - Let Love In
Born, raised and struggled from the small town of east coast Malaysia (Kuala Terengganu) is only making them stronger in bringing a different storm to the Malaysian metal/hardcore scene. Delivering crossbreed tunes between metal and technical hardcore with the influence of a progressive chromatic approach, heavy riffing, sick blast beats and their genuine emotion pouting, Dead Eyes Glow delight with a passionate and dynamic stage performance.

3. Villes (Singapore) - Dead End
Villes’ repertoire centers on their personalized brand of post-hardcore music infused with pop sensibilities, evident in their signature blend of screams and clean catchy choruses that are supported by a commanding structure of complex guitar riffs forming groove linearity with the drums. Their youth-inspired momentum and surprisingly ripe perceptions and interpretations of the genre make their tunes a propelling force that is difficult to ignore.

4. Kids Insane (Israel) - Same Shit, Different Scene
Kids Insane is a very angry band, formed 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel. On their debutalbum 'All Over', they stripped down modern punk/hardcore and rebuilded it in one angry brick at a time. With that release they could get a lot of attention in the worldwide punkrock-scene.

5. Shell Beach (Hungary) - The Greatest Skeptic
Ranging from the intense, hardcore-inspired waves of chaos, to the quiet, ambient, dreamlike passages, the sound of Shell Beach represents the daily struggles in life and a pursuit to find happiness.

6. Freedom For Your Life (South Africa) - Time As A Burden
With a powerful message that is beautifully expressed and a unique sound that radiates energy and passion, Freedom For Your Life have captured the attention of music lovers as one of the up and coming bands out of South Africa to watch out for.

07 Sebuah Tawa Dan Cerita (Indonesia) - The Awakening
Sebuah Tawa Dan Cerita was started in the middle of 2009 and the name is all about two words, which are 'Happiness' and 'The Story' within this life. The band is formed by six kids who are urge to spread their words to the world about the connection between humanity and god. Managing those ideas through the music that so- called Posthardcore.

8. Momma Knows Best (Czech Republic) - Sunday Nihilist
Eclectic hardcore/metal bunch Momma Knows Best based in Prague, Czech Republic had been rehearsing to- gether as a desperate three-piece long before their well received debut EP 'Ain’t No Weight Young Lad Can’t Take' was released in 2010.
2011 brought a single 'Not-a-Blink' featuring guest vocals by Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats that is to be followed by the long awaited debut LP 'Consistency is Overrated' (2013). If there’s electricity and a floor to sleep on in your god forsaken town, expect Momma Knows Best melting your faces soon.

9. Seventribe (Sweden) - Make Me Dead
Seventribe is an eight person monster from Västerås, Sweden that has delivered a non-compromising mixture of metal and hardcore since the start back in the year 2000. Seventribe is well known for its explosive and energetic live shows as well as connecting with - and engaging crowds.

10. My Autumn (Russia) - Oblivion Era (feat. Alex Erian)
My Autumn was formed in 2006 and is today pretty well-known in the world and the most popular deathcore-band in Russia, touring not only around CIS, but in Europe as well. Their strong music combines melodic parts, crazy breakdowns and progressive inserts.

11. Taped (Liechtenstein) - Raise Your Voice
The band is from one of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein and was originally founded in 2009. As Taped is from a country, where there was almost no ‘scene’ for this kind of music, they have done extremely well to build a strong fan-base throughout other European countries.

12. Adam Kills Eve (Italy) - Paralysis 2.0
Composing opposites, embracing change, defying comparison. That’s what their name is all about. It’s not just a mere contracted form of the question 'What would have happened if Adam killed Eve?', but the representation of a painful yet fascinating - and almost impossible - union between a melodic, hooking sound and violent shredding and screaming.

13. All The Shelters (France) - Lifetime
All the Shelters is a french metalcore/post hardcore band since September 2010. They recorded EPs, did several video-clips and toured all over Europe by having only one goal: To set the fire on stages as much as possible, to meet lots and lots of people and bring their music to you!

14. Scream Your Name (Switzerland) - 24/7
Scream Your Name sounds like an never ending series of little, big and devastating explosions, which keep echoing for a so long, that you can still hear them, hours after the songs have ended. It lets you feel the pain, caused by making the splits between brute breakdowns and delicate melodies, between pop elements and stainless steel riffs, and between caustic shouting and a well rounded chorus.


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